Coffee is consumed heavily on an average work day. It is the #1 consumed beverage in casual and professional settings. It comes in all sorts of flavors, sizes, milk types, whip type, and your have to speak “Starbucks” to place an order for it. But does it boost your productivity?

A Common Myth about Coffee

One common myth about coffee is that it can bring productivity to one’s work flow. However, this is a myth since it has negative effects that can destroy one’s productivity. The caffeine “crash” is a term that is used to state the after effects of consuming the brew. When you’re feeling groggy and tired 2 hours after drinking, that is the crash kicking in. This weird feeling causes your body to become weaker than usual and because of this, the quality of your work will drop. In addition, the addiction cravings to caffeine will rise leading into further consumption and creates a curse on productivity.

Chemical Effects

The chemicals inside of coffee will make you weak in the long run. Caffeine brings a myriad of chemicals that are harmful to your body. Over 95mg of caffeine is in a single cup of coffee. While caffeine can improve mental alertness, energy eventually drops significantly. Bad coffee can destroy your productivity within minutes after consumption. The chemicals inside of caffeine can cause harmful side effects that will decrease your performance and productivity at your home space or business.

Alternatives to Caffeine

Tea is a healthy alternative to give you the slight fix you are looking for without most of the productivity killing agents. Like coffee, tea has a large variety of flavors. For example, tea comes in flavors such as:

  • Chai tea
  • Apple tea
  • Green tea
  • Cinnamon tea

Nutrients from tea counter the caffeine that enters the body. In fact, nutrients found in tea are over 46% healthier. Vitamins like B6 can do wonders for your overall health.

Drop that Coffee Cup!

Coffee consumption can torture your body. It’s addictive, making it hard to work without taking multiple drink breaks. However, through alternatives like tea, there are beverages that will boost your productivity. Drop that cup of joe and become more productive!

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