Congratulations on your new product launch. You have taken the time to create a website and a social media platform to promote your product. Even better, you’ve created a free trial period for converting your customers to give your winning product a go. Kudos! However, one question remains, well two. Are the people and companies you envision as potential clients trying to buy your product? Are they making use of the trial period and buying the product, or are they glancing and disappearing?

Studies show that 80% of your users eventually fade away, never to become a paying customer. Converting these trial users is just as important as the marketing campaign itself. Therefore, create an experience for the customers to find value in your product during the trial period. You’ll find that converting trial users to customers is not as hard as you think.

Converting using the “Foot in the Door” Technique

One method for establishing trust is the “Foot in the Door” Technique. This technique requires a company to start small with the customer. Initially, you want to ask them for something small. As you build their trust and demand for your product, then ask for something bigger. How does this technique work? It works by establishing a connection with the users. Set concrete goals to keep customers coming back for your service.

A great example of this comes from SpotifySpotify does not force their users to buy their products. Instead, this music service provider is active in telling its users that they should subscribe for more features, thus giving users the ability to enjoy a free version of Spotify while providing the option of a more premium product for a fee. This allows customers to get a window into the service without the commitment. Customers like to be able to decide on their own.

No Risk Trials

Your customer may decide on your product or service based on how hard the trial process is to complete. In the past, companies would try to ensure they get a subscription from a customer by requiring them to sign up with a credit card and cancel within so many days. They bank on customers forgetting and bam! They created a revenue stream the customer truly didn’t want. Customers see this as deceptive because companies are using human behaviors against them. Your brand reputation will suffer.

Instead, offer a trial with no obligation or credit card needed. Just sign up and try! Companies like GoToMeeting do well at converting customers with this model. The trial may have fewer features and may only be a limited time but your sign up process has gone from about 5 minutes of pulling out a credit card, to about 1 minute of entering an email address and converting your potential customer will come! From there, you want to make sure that you engage and support the customer so that they see the value in your product and decide to subscribe.

Keep in Mind

For your business, you want to set goals that are obtainable. It is not hard to generate a few leads from trial products. Make sure that you are aiming to enhance the experience of your users because ultimately, you never know which one will turn into a loyal customer. However, treat them all like loyal customers and you’ll gain just that.

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