Every business has that breaking point where all channels of customer acquisition just aren’t working. Sure, you may have the income coming in to support what you have but can you risk losing a customer? or two? or ten? You must work early on with growth hacking techniques to keep your pipeline fresh with new customers. New customers not only pays your bills but may lead to innovation not originally planned in your model based on customer use cases.

Who Is Your Target Customer for Acquisition

What’s the trick to customer acquisition then? Know Your Market. Who are your customers? Who are potential customers that don’t even know they should be customers? These are the questions you want to answer to know what channels to use in your growth hacking process. A good place to start is to poll your current customers with short surveys that give you an idea of who is actually buying your product or service. Your product may be intended for one demographic but another is your actual customer. For instance, you may design your product for millennials but baby boomers are your paying customers. It happens.

Your Marketing Platform

Now that you know who your actual customers are, you want to make sure you market to them effectively. Is the demographic of your typical customer a social media user or do they respond better to mail campaigns? Some of this information can be pulled from your current user base as well. You may think Twitter is the answer but the largest group of your customers are more akin to be Facebook users. Once you have that basis in place, use that medium to your advantage. Each medium has analytic specifications to help you decide on your content, times, and promotions that will work on their platform.

People are looking, not what?

Conversion, conversion, conversion. You have their attention now ASK FOR THE SALE. Call to action buttons and short term promotions that inspire quick action typically work, depending on your product or service. People like to know they have a deal so don’t be afraid to offer a deal to increase new acquistions. Don’t break the bank of course but 5-10% off your profit margin for a short time with a large potential for customer acquisition is worth it long term. Increase the social aspect of customer interaction to create referrals. Example: $5 off for each person you refer on your next order. That’s just an example. Do what works best for your business.

Getting new customers isn’t hard but you want to make sure you target them properly or you will miss opportunities.

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