Retention of customers was important in 2016 but 2017 has arrived and a new year equals new methods. Traditional skills need to be modified to adjust to an ever-changing market and a strong market must understand that their current customers are just as important as new ones. One solution for surviving this market is through a calculated customer retention strategy. Studies show that eCommerce marketers with a strategy tailored to their campaign have increased conversion rates by over 43%. Do you want to maximize your conversion rates? Let’s discuss!

Retention through Customer Loyalty Programs

A customer loyalty program is a great way to create a long-term dialog with your customer. Customers respect a brand that invests time with them and will repay that kindness by continuing to be a customer. Development of a loyalty program will allow the business to maintain high conversion rates while rewarding customers who repeat their purchases. Conversions have been known to increase up to 8% through the use of customer loyalty programs.

How do I make a Customer Loyalty Program?

Creating a customer loyalty program is simple but you must make sure it is compelling to draw customer attention. Your loyalty program should:

  • Reward customers for their purchases
  • Create a dollar feature
  • Thank them for their business with a worthy prize

A program that allows the customer to stack “loyalty points” for rewards they do not value is a perfect way to lose a customer. Make sure the reward is in line with your brand strategy and increases your brand reputation.

To make it painless for customers, automating the loyalty program makes retention that much simpler. Shopify has a few services to assist in retention of eCommerce customers. Klaviyo is an app that will automatically email coupons to customers, reward them for repeat purchases, and motivate them to engage with your store.  Apps like LoyaltyLion and SLoyalty are used to create a fully engaging experience for the customer. These apps reward customer purchases, create accounts, and launch referral campaigns to assist in new customer engagement.

Improve Customer Support

Customers are attracted to kindness, fast responses, and answers that solve their problems. Customer support in 2017 will increase in B2B businesses as more and more small businesses enter the market. To survive, improve customer support is an eCommerce customer retention strategy. Customer support is the most important part of customer retention because your support staff is the first face customers typically encounter. Creating a strong customer support team that handles common customer’s issues, complaints, and questions will grow your business and helping your customers is a definite way to increase their retention.

Why should I improve my customer support team?

Your customer support team will act as the front line in customer engagement. A poorly trained customer support agent could decrease valuable engagement and give you a bad brand reputation. Make sure staff is properly trained to answer questions in a professional manner that aligns with your customer’s expectations. Extraordinary customer support is rewarded by a high number of conversions, support, and a profit. However, a weak customer support strategy will lead to a loss of current and potential customers.

How will you keep your customers engaged?

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