Networking is a proactive art that all businesses need to grow. Starting off as a business is challenge but you’re not the only one in that position. Thousands if not millions of startups improve over time due to this art and you can, too. With networking, you can connect with other businesses within your field. It’s important to speak others about your status as a business so you can grow together.

Networking via Social Media

Social media offers the most efficient way of networking as you are available to a wider audience very quickly. See a business affiliate? Why not give them a tweet to let them know that you’re around? They will appreciate the shout out. Through Twitter, a business can easily connect with other professionals and discuss future business options. Join Twitter chats, Facebook groups, and get involved with your industry in a big way.

TIP: Schedule a date where both can meet up and discuss business opportunities! You’ll find it easier to speak with them via online and then easily transition to an offline setting.

Stay Genuine!

One problem that most entrepreneurs is the lack of genuine interest. Take out the word “working” in networking and you’ll see that speaking with others is easy. By showing genuine interest to the person that you are meeting with, you weed yourself out from the millions of people who tend to “put on a face” for business. Let your future business partners know that you care. It will turn into a potential and positive growing relationship between the two.

How do I Create Genuine Connections?

Making a genuine connection with your partners is weird at first. However, you can easily change this by three ways.

Paying attention to what they are focused on.

See where their business is succeeding or lacking and find out where you can help. Perhaps you can aid them in fixing up a problem that they need help in!

Ask insightful questions

Don’t just ask the simple “what is your business about?” Dig deeper! Give them quality questions to see their plans and goals for their business. Ask them if they need any skills that your company has expertise in.

Make friends, NOT Contacts

Do not be afraid to be friendly! Through being friendly you increase the chances creating a genuine connection and a long term relationship. Take them out for drinks at a bar, have a meeting at a park, the possibilities are endless!

When you turn the concept of networking into making friends, you’ll find yourself having a lot more fun building positive relationships. Can you think of someone you need to reconnect with today? Go out and network!

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