Branding is the bread and butter of a successful business. In this day in age, we find that brand recognition is important because it allows clients and the world to immediately recognize you. Without it, a business is unable to fully gain customers from different regions around the world. Through this comprehensive guide, we will help you find a proper way to grow your brand across international lines that can lead into future growth and a stronger brand.

Branding with Social Media Effectively

The easiest way to expand your brand is through social media. Social media allows a regional business to engage with customers and fans who are interested in the brand across the world. What makes it even better is that you can expose your business to other cultures that may be potential customers you did not initially consider. Using social media management software such as Hootsuite, SocialPilot, or Buffer will make it easier for one to check the reactions of one’s customers. After seeing their engagement, get involved! Respond to their tweets and their concerns to keep them interested in your brand.

TIP: Check on your customer’s needs and wants via social media. For example, Southwest Airlines uses Twitter to listen to their customer’s concerns.

Social Videos & Collaborations

One mistake we usually see small businesses make is go with the grain. Make your brand stand out for customer interest! Create YouTube videos that highly promote your brand but don’t stop there! Have videos of your customers expressing their interest in your product. Use animations! The possibilities are endless! As a small business you have to tap into your creativity to compete with the large million dollar corporations. The power is in your fingertips, make an effective creative team and you’ll be able to create videos to promote your brand.

TIP: When expanding your brand, collaborate with other companies that can support it. If you feel as if the collaboration can promote your brand, give it a shot! However, do not associate with companies that can derail your brand.

Your branding community can be a large as your presence can handle. Make sure to brand across your region and you can gain brand recognition in places you never thought possible!